JOHN MARK is a relaxed collection of tops and buttons bound together in subtle color stories. The styles are comfortable and casual, most in natural fibers of cotton, linen and silk. They are blends of woven and knits, which perfectly suits the modern woman's lifestyle. The JOHN MARK clothing line is fresh, up-to-date and fashion forward

The true essence of the JOHN MARK brand is livable luxury lifestyle: showcasing easy-wear separates with specialty accents that emphasize style & innovation. The JOHN MARK line is not inhibited by just solids. Instead, this collection marries novelty with subtlety for the ideal expressive wardrobe. This group of easy-wear body shapes compliments the timeless customer in both work and home life with a seamless transition.

Every garment designed in the John Mark collection includes a special part of me in it. As this is my namesake line, it's very important to me and our entire John Mark team that every piece that we produce is properly targeted to our customers and manufactured in the highest quality. Every garment with a John Mark label has been thoroughly researched, communicated creatively, and crafted with care.

We aim to develop long-lasting relationships with our customers to build a strong foundation upon which we can all grow and expand in business. After designing women's apparel for over 25 years, we are proud to present the John Mark clothing line to showcase a product that retails successfully for our customers with a profit for all